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Over 1 million animals die each day and we have only 154,000 veterinary professionals in EUA

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11 comentários

I'm glad you liked it and that you're already working in the field. You're welcome!


I'm glad to hear that! It's great to know that the course is being helpful and meeting your expectations. If you have any further questions or need any assistance, feel free to ask. Keep up the good work!


It gave me a very clear vision, Fernanda is a great teacher, very attentive, and whenever we need her, she is available.


The course I took with Fernanda, and even the bonuses, were fantastic. I learned a lot. She is an excellent professional, highly competent, always very practical, and the best part is that she provides a lot of post-course assistance.


I have already taken 4 courses with Dr. Fernanda and Jessica. They always apply Theory and Practice very well, which is super important. Clear and simple language.


I was also impressed, especially with the bonus tips that Edu gave us. Simple things that I have already put into practice and are making a huge difference.


Indeed, the investment was totally worth it, and thanks to Letícia who convinced me to take the course, I have already found a job here in the city. The return is guaranteed!


That's awesome! This needed to be included in college curriculum with URGENT priority. It gave me an incredible perspective.


Does this really work? Where will I receive the materials?


I didn't have any issues from the purchasing process to receiving the product. I bought it using a credit card, so almost instantly, it arrived in my email, and I was already accessing the materials. Professor Fernanda, who teaches the classes, always brings Theory and Practice to us. Not to mention the support team, they are always there to help.

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When enrolling in this course, you will receive an additional 3 additional bonus

Please see the additional bonus below.

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Large Animal Veterinary Assistant Certified Course

In addition to the Small Animal Veterinary Assistant course, you will receive the Large Animal Veterinary Assistant course for free!


80 class hours | Certificate | Letter of Recommendation for practical internship

With this 80-hour Veterinary Assistant course, you will be able to work in clinics, hospitals, pet shops, grooming salons, farms, and much more!

The Certificate is recognized anywhere, and at the end of the course, you will also receive a letter of recommendation for practical internships in your city.

All classes are in video format, and they are all pre-recorded. You can watch them on your smartphone, computer, laptop, tablet, smart TV, from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world.

Dr. Fernanda Santos CRMV 8592 SC Experienced Veterinarian Graduated from the University of Lages – SC, Fernanda has extensive experience with domestic animals (dogs, cats, etc). With her experience and years of working in the field, she has performed over 500 sterilizations, worked in NGOs, emergency services, and currently runs her own Veterinary Clinic in Santa Catarina, Brazil. In addition to her clinical practice, she also teaches Veterinary Assistant courses.

Dr. Jessica Alves CRMV 05993 PE
Veterinarian graduated from the Federal Institute of Santa Catarina – Araquari Campus.

Residency in Small and Large Animal Clinic and Surgery.

Subtle Manual Therapist from the HTS Institute. Has taken courses in the areas of Clinical Practice, Animal Physiotherapy, and Rehabilitation. Currently works in the field of Medical Clinic and Integrative Veterinary Medicine in Santa Catarina, Brazil, with Small and Large Animals.


In addition to the Certificate, you will receive a letter of recommendation.

In addition to the Certificate, you can also request a Recommendation Letter, signed by our BOARD, which you can take to the PET clinics in your city when seeking a job opportunity.

According to Law No. 9394/96, Decree No. 5.154/04, and Deliberation CEE 14/97 (Indication CEE 14/97), free courses are a legal form of education valid throughout the national territory.

The operation of free courses is provided for in the country’s legislation. Presidential Decree No. 5.154 (July 23, 2004) establishes the legal basis for the validity of these courses.


24-hour support, lifelong access, unique with a recommendation letter, created by experienced doctors.

We are an internationally recognized school and for the second consecutive year, we have been considered the best Online Veterinary Assistant Course with premium student support.

We have already trained over 10,000 students worldwide and we are leaders in the pet course market.

Furthermore, all our courses in the pet industry are designed for easy learning and are suitable for anyone who loves animals, without age restrictions. In other words, you can enroll regardless of your current age.

Frequently Asked Questions

The access to the course is Lifetime (in the current promotion). You will have access forever.

Yes, all our courses and certificates are valid for the job market according to Decree No. 5,154, July 23, 2004, Art. 1 and 3, and according to CNE Resolution No. 04/99, Art. 11.

At the end of the course, you will receive a Letter of Recommendation, signed by our BOARD, so that you can present it to clinics, hospitals, farms, pet shops, and agricultural stores in your city when seeking a job opportunity. According to Law No. 9394/96, Decree No. 5.154/04, and Deliberation CEE 14/97 (Indication CEE 14/97), free courses are a legal and valid form of education throughout the national territory. The operation of free courses is provided for in the country’s legislation. Presidential Decree No. 5.154 (July 23, 2004) constitutes the legal basis for the validity of these courses.

You can access the classes whenever you want, at any time! All the classes are available as soon as you enroll. You can access them from your cellphone, computer, laptop, tablet, Smart TV, iPad, and other devices. You’ll have unlimited access to the course forever and from as many devices as you want. Plus, you can access it from anywhere in the world!

The course consists of over 40 high-resolution video lessons, and the certificate is equivalent to 80 hours of class time.

All lessons include slides or PDFs to follow along with the videos.

The course is in Portuguese with English subtitles as well!

Anyone above 12 years old can take this course. Those who love animals and want to professionalize or work in the field. People who want to take better care of their pets. Individuals who want to pursue a degree in the field or expand their knowledge. Those who want to pursue a career in the pet industry and need the certificate.

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